Counselling Process

With counselling being a part of CU’s admission process, take a look at the programs that are a part of the counselling process.

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Introducing Counselling in our admission selection process. *

Many Ways. One Beginning!

Chandigarh University's admission rubric is aimed at creating “citizens of the world” who are agile and responsive to local and global opportunities and are lifelong learners who have a sense of personal responsibility and moral obligation towards the society as a whole. The objective is not just to develop professional knowledge and skills, but also nurture future generations of leaders in all areas of personal and public life, for Investing in education was, and still is, a national imperative.

Recalibrating admission policies on a periodic note allows Chandigarh University to augment student capacity and aptitude, provide variety to learner categories, curate learning methodologies, and chart new directions for their growth.

Name of Programs

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharmacy)
  • Master of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)
  • Master of Pharmacy (Pharmacology)
  • Master of Pharmacy (Industrial Pharmacy)
  • B.A+LLB
  • LLM
  • B.Sc. Nursing

Statement of Purpose (SOP):

A written Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a standard requirement for admission in Higher Education Institutions/Universities. It is a tool for the members of admissions committees to assess the knowledge, experience, motivation, intellectual maturity, and readiness of applicants willing to pursue higher education at their institution/university. A Statement of Purpose can determine whether an applicant is accepted or rejected, irrespective of their other qualifications.

This document will serve as a guide for the applicants to write an impressive and successful statement of purpose.

Remember, your statement of purpose should portray you as:

  • Passionately interested in the field
  • Intelligent and Sensitive
  • Well-prepared academically and personally
  • Able to take on the challenges of higher education
  • Able to build good rapport with professors and fellow students — in other words, collegial
  • Able to finish the graduate degree in a timely fashion; and
  • Able and harbor intent to rise as a potentially outstanding representative of that institution

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Counselling Process

Enrolment Process:

  • CUCET Registration with Rs 1000/-
  • CUCET Score Eligibility
  • Upload SOP & submit fee of Rs 10000/-
  • Announcment of Counselling date on the CUCET portal
  • Declaration of Counselling Result
  • Admission Finalization

Frequently Asked Questions:

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CU Scholarship
Awardee 2021

CU Scholarship for Outstanding Students

To encourage good and brilliant students to acquire higher education, Chandigarh University is providing a SCHOLARSHIP to outstanding pool of students

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